Everything you need to know about Maharashtra’s 50% reduction in real estate premiums

Almost every industry took a hit due to the wide spread of the coronavirus in 2020. One of which was real estate. Thus, to boost its growth and re instigate development rate as projected before the pandemic, state and central governments are taking numerous measures.

Top 4 destinations for a second home around Mumbai

Life in the city can be tiring. That’s why most people prefer moving away from it once they reach the age of retirement. Many even invest in second homes that can help them start a new life in the sunset years of their life. Some simply invest in second homes to getaway from life in […]

Top tips to keep your home safe after a New Year’s Eve party

This tumultuous year is about to end. With its end, 2021 brings a new ray of hope that things will get better and conditions of the pandemic-ridden world will improve significantly. That’s why it is hard to resist sending this year away as well as starting the new one on a good note. 

A quick guide to Rent Courts in India in 2020

With people migrating to cities from all over the nation, there’s been a rise in demand for rental properties.  That’s why for so many, a dream house is a property they rent. And for the owners of these rental properties, their assets form a major chunk of their income. Therefore it is important to legally […]

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